How much can you earn at Facebook?

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Facebook seems like a perfect place to work at, especially judging by the net worth of Mark Zuckerberg. Let’s see how much you can expect to get if you work for him.

Facebook[Image Source: Robert Scoble]

  1. Engineering manager - $166,561

Engineering managers are team leaders and manage a specific group of people working on one product. If you want to take this position you would also need to have good leadership skills, not only know how to code.

  1. Senior software engineer - $160,638

Once you prove yourself to Facebook and make sure they know you are good at what you do, you might be able to move along the career ladder and occupy a senior software engineer position. Since Facebook is all about software, no wonder they get paid so much.

  1. Product manager - $147,469

No need to explain what a product manager is – these guys collect everything from different teams and put the products all together.

  1. Database Engineer - $141,635

As it becomes clear from the name, if you hold a position of a database engineer, you would most probably have to deal with large amounts of data and keep track of highly complex databases.

  1. Research Scientist - $137,134

Research scientists are basically the analytics of Facebook – using data analysis they can tell what is working and what isn’t and thus, affecting the decisions of those standing higher up.

  1. Production Engineer - $134,775

Product engineers are present in every single product team at Facebook and are there to check if the product is working properly and can be updated and improved.

  1. Product designer - $133,810

Product design is essential to Facebook and in order to apply for this position you would need to have experience of building apps and front-end programming. However, they say most important designs still come from Zuckerberg himself.

  1. Software Engineer - $125,515

Software engineers are most important to the company and they make sure everything runs smoothly and new developments are implemented straight away. Facebook pays slightly less to new graduates but getting six figures as a pay check once you are out of college is pretty good!

  1. Software engineering intern - $77,544

Graduating from college soon and looking for placements? Well, Facebook is a pretty good option, especially if you look at the salary rates!

  1. Account Executive - $62,617

Account Executives are there to run the advertising part of Facebook and all other business-related things and similar to many tech companies stay at the low side of the salaries.

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