Musician Uses Bike Parts as Musical Instruments

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Musician Flip Baber, often known as Johnnyrandom, plays an unconventional symphony by using bike parts as musical instruments.

bike-02[Image Source: Johnny Random, BeSpoken]

Baber finds musical tunes in every mortal thing of the world. He is so fond of his instruments and proclaimed them as the pure musical instruments. He also examined the different positions of the microphone and playing techniques of traditional musical instruments. He says that a slightly sliding position of the microphone or musical instruments with different angles of playing can generate different sounds alike. However, above all, it must be mentioned that the inner vision of Flip Baber discovers uniqueness in all these things of daily use.

After completing the primary musical education from CalArts, Baber earned a graduation degree from the Berklee College of Music. Then he founded his own music studio nom de tune. At the early level he was known as a creative audio boutique to music composers and sound designer. But after presenting hundreds of chomps and chews sounds, fifteen layers of a trademark tone and a high bar of stoner sounds took him to the apex of experimental music. By this time, he signed an agreement with Doritos.

His first resounding musical composition was a bicycle music for the film Goodbye in 2006. With the help and encouragement of Silverstein and Partners, in the same year, he created Tchikovsky’s Nutcracker by using the bike parts.

Johnnyrandom’s latest single performance Bespoken of 3 minutes and a half, is composed as a symphony. It took almost 7 months to arrange. To make an unusual musical accompaniment, Jonnyrandom uses disc brake rotors as the gong. He puts a guitar on a knobby mountain bike tire and while plays it, it sounds like an electric bass guitar! Derailleur cables, have been used to create the sound of harmonic overtones. However, all these instruments are not likely to create so good sound at all. It happened only because of the great musician, Johnnyrandom. He says, “For each note, I would tune all of the spokes in a wheel to the same exact pitch to avoid unwanted overtones via sympathetic vibration.” That makes it “Tuned in unison, they sound gorgeous.” His Bravura performance on a bicycle is covered by the MTV Music Video recently.

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