Elon Musk suggests encrypted DMs on Twitter to avoid spying and hacks

Also, he sold $4 billion worth of Tesla stock and says no more sales are planned.
Ameya Paleja
Elon Musk is revealing his Twitter overhaul plan in tweetsDaniel Oberhaus/ Wikimedia Commons

Elon Musk, the man who promises to "unlock the potential" of the social media platform, Twitter, had let out one more of the changes he could possibly bring when he is in charge when he tweeted, 

For those Twitter users, who might still be unaware, Direct Messages (DMs) that you might have used to send personal messages to other users on the platform can not only be viewed by Twitter's staff to check compliance with its policies but also be shared with law enforcement agencies or in response to government requests. This isn't fine print, this is rather the block print, that Twitter shows to its users. 

What does end-to-end encryption do? 

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) ensures that nobody, even the platform itself, can read the content of your messages. This also comes in handy if your account was hacked into and is being implemented by tech companies across the board in a bid to protect individual privacy. 

Human rights activists have pointed out that E2EE also allows users to distribute child sexual abuse material (CSAM) as well as hate speech more rampantly but in the debate of 'privacy versus safety', the former is currently leading and one can now expect Musk to implement this change when his acquisition of Twitter is formally completed later this year. 

Musk's Twitter attraction has Tesla investors on tenterhooks  

Musk is expected to ring in a lot of changes at the social media platform, not only in the form of features that users get but also in how the company generates revenue for itself. Musk has already declared that he will take the company private following his acquisition and has no faith in current management. This possibly means that Technoking will spend more time on Twitter in the coming few months, much more beyond what he spends on tweeting memes and jokes. 

In the days following, the Twitter board's approval of the sale, Musk has offloaded $4 billion worth of Tesla stock, Bloomberg reported. Musk's plan to finance the Twitter buyout includes $21 billion of equity from his side, which is expected from the sale of Tesla stock. Musk has sold off about $20 billion worth of Tesla stock in the last six months. Late Thursday evening, Musk tweeted, 

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However, it is not clear, whether Musk has offloaded more shares already, whose declaration would come in only on Friday.

Apart from the stock sale, Musk has also pledged tens of billions of dollars worth of Tesla stock to support margin loans, all of which has spooked Tesla's investors. As reported earlier this week, the Tesla stocks dropped by $126 billion valuation in a single day