Elon Musk fears his life could be in danger for supporting Ukraine

Tesla CEO shared a threatening note from the head of the Russian Space Agency.
Ameya Paleja

Elon Musk, the self-proclaimed, free speech absolutist, is worried that the Russian state may exact its revenge for his staunch support for Ukraine in the ongoing conflict, The Street reported. Musk also tweeted about his concern a few hours ago. 

Since the Russian aggression began in February, Elon Musk has sided with Ukraine and supported their cause in all ways possible. In the early days of the conflict, Tesla told its Ukrainian employees that the company would pay three months of wages if they were called to fight. His other company, SpaceX, has provided its satellite internet terminals at short notice to keep services connected in Ukraine, which has seen several infrastructure disruptions due to the conflict. 

Russia miffed by Starlink's internet services

According to the note shared by Musk himself, Russian forces are well aware of Musk's involvement in supplying the Starlink terminals and the role of the Pentagon in delivering these terminals to Ukrainian forces. Thus, Musk has been involved in supplying military communications to forces in Ukraine. 

The text has apparently been sent by Dmitry Rogozin, the head of the Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos, to the Russian press and goes on to state that Musk will have to pay for his actions, The Street reported. 

It has not been possible to verify if the image was sent to the Russian media. 

Regular readers of Interesting Engineering might also remember Rogozin as the person who threatened that the International Space Station could possibly come crashing down over Europe or the U.S. This was because the Russian Space Agency was in charge of keeping the ISS afloat and warned of severe consequences after the U.S. enforced sanctions on the Russian aerospace industry. Even then, Musk had declared that SpaceX would step in to keep the ISS in orbit if Roscosmos backed out. 

It could also be that the alleged threat is a response to Musk's challenging Russian President Vladimir Putin for a single duel over Ukraine. He had also gone ahead to say that he would fight Putin left-handed.

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