Musk Tweets Boring Company's Product Launch is on Dec 18

Elon Musk has tweeted the launch of legal autonomous transport cars & ground to tunnel car elevators on Dec 18 will include cars and elevators.
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Elon Musk’s Boring Company product launch on December 18 will be more than just tunnels.

Musk tweeted this morning that the product launch will include the obvious tunnel opening as well as ‘modded but fully road legal autonomous transport cars & ground to tunnel car elevators.’ 

The launch of the test tunnel in Hawthorne, Los Angeles has been delayed by a week, but will include a greater demonstration of the company’s technology.

Modded Tesla's to transport passengers underground

The product launch will hopefully go some way to giving an idea of what this finished Loop might look and feel like.

Observers are curious whether passenger pods will look as futuristic as the ones seen in previous Boring Company concept videos or if ‘modded but fully road legal autonomous transport cars’ hints at more of a production Tesla type look. 

The Boring Company have had a tumultuous year grappling with resistance in Los Angeles to their sideways dealings with local government. 

The company recently announced they were pulling out of their much anticipated initial project and would instead be focusing on the ‘Dugout Loop’ project.

An underground tunnel connecting the Dodgers stadium with East Hollywood.

Boring Company pulls out of initial tunnel plans

The Dodger Stadium project or Dugout Loop is ‘a zero-emissions, high-speed, underground public transportation system from the Los Feliz, East Hollywood, or Rampart Village neighborhoods ("western terminus") to Dodger Stadium in the City of Los Angeles.’

Musk has previously described the Boring Company as a ‘hobby’ company but all jokes aside, the company has the potential to radically change the car-choked cities like Los Angeles by making car-free movement across cities, cheaper and more convenient. 

Currently, the Boring Company faces some opposition and bad press after it was granted an exemption from the City of Los Angeles from its notoriously slow environmental review process.

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A conglomerate of groups sued the City over the decision which resulted in Musk pulling the plug on the project altogether. In a statement sent to NBCNews the Boring Company described the axing of their plans: 

"The parties (The Boring Company, Brentwood Residents Coalition, Sunset Coalition, and Wendy-Sue Rosen) have amicably settled the matter of Brentwood Residents Coalition et al. v. City of Los Angeles (TBC -- The Boring Company)."

In addition to the Hawthorne test tunnel and the Dugout Loop in Los Angeles. The Boring Company is pushing ahead with several other projects in other states. 

Chicago set for fast airport connect

Musk Tweets Boring Company's Product Launch is on Dec 18
Source: Boring Company

Last year, The Boring Company was selected by the Chicago Infrastructure Trust (CIT), to build and operate a connection between downtown Chicago and the O'Hare airport.

‘The Chicago Express Loop will provide fast and convenient transportation between O’Hare Airport (Terminals 1-3) and Block 37 in downtown Chicago,' The Boeing Company's website describes.

‘The Boring Company aims to alleviate soul-destroying traffic by constructing safe, affordable, and environmentally-friendly public transportation systems.’

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