Musk says Twitter algorithm manipulating users, instructs how to fix your feed

While the former CEO Jack Dorsey disagrees.
Ameya Paleja

Elon Musk, the man who wants to unlock Twitter's true potential, has created some problems for the social media company by calling its algorithm 'manipulative,' Business Insider reported

As usual, the Tesla CEO took to Twitter over the weekend to air his views. 

Jack Dorsey defends Twitter

Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey was rather quick to respond to Musk's tweet and said that the function was designed to save users time and stay connected with the content of their choice. 

Considering that the time gap between Musk's tweet and Dorsey's reply was mere minutes, it seems like Dorsey uses the 'Latest Tweets' option. Engaging with another Twitter user, who told Dorsey that these features were forced upon users, the Twitter founder said:

How the algorithm function is something that has remained a secret, and Musk has been vocal about changing that. 

Open-sourcing Twitter's algorithm

Since the early days of his Twitter bid, Elon Musk has been very keen on revealing to the larger public how Twitter's algorithm works. The Tesla CEO, replied to his original tweet to say that he did not believe the algorithm was malicious but could be inadvertently manipulating or amplifying one's viewpoints without the user realizing that it is happening. 

Musk returned to his grand solution of open-sourcing the algorithm to solve Twitter's problems. 

While Musk put his Twitter offer on hold citing the high number of spam or fake accounts on the platform, CEO Parag Agarwal did not rule out that the deal would not go through as well. Musk, meanwhile, has said that he is committed to the acquisition. 

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