Mysterious Metal Monolith in Utah Desert Disappears

The structure has left just as mysteriously as it came.
Loukia Papadopoulos

The mysterious metal monolith in the Utah desert that drove the internet mad has now disappeared according to a recent report by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The structure was discovered accidentally by the Utah Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau when working with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to attempt to count bighorn sheep in the area. 


"We have received credible reports that the illegally installed structure, referred to as the “monolith” has been removed from Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands by an unknown party. The BLM did not remove the structure which is considered private property," said in a Facebook post the BLM.

"We do not investigate crimes involving private property which are handled by the local sheriff’s office. The structure has received international and national attention and we received reports that a person or group removed it on the evening of Nov. 27.”

Redditors may have solved the mystery

It seems the monolith has gone just as mysteriously as it came although there are some theories on who may have left it in Utah and when. Intrepid Reddit users have done some research and are now reporting that it was likely abandoned there between August 2015 and October 2016.

Around this time, television science-fiction show Westworld was shooting around the monolith's location leading many to venture a guess that the structure may be an old movie prop. There are also reports that the location of the monolith has been used in a number of other movies such as 127 Hours and Mission Impossible 2.