Intricate nail sculptures from John Bisbee

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Normally when the word nails and artwork are mentioned together the nails are what holds the artwork up on the wall. However John Bisbee from Maine, USA, actually uses the nails for his artwork as he makes intricate sculptures from thousands of them.

nail-art-1-960x730[Image Source: John Bisbee

Bisbee collects many thousands of nails in various sizes and types and uses them to make sculptures. He forms them into spiked balls, tree like structures, waves that seem to undulate and geometric tall stacks.


[Image Source: John Bisbee]

Artist Bisbee got the idea after he went into an old abandoned house looking for any objects that he could use in his artwork. He came across a bucket full of old nails which had oxidized and rusted into the shape of the bucket that had held them for so long. Bisbee saw beauty in the nails and this led to his going around collecting them and using them as the medium to create works of art.


[Image Source: John Bisbee]

Bisbee has designed and created dozens of sculptures using nothing but nails and the artists improvises as he goes along in a process that is free flowing. Along with bending and welding the nails together to make his art, he also shapes them with a hammer to get them into the desired state. He has turned to creating wall based art from nails with the help of a pneumatic power hammer too.


[Image Source: John Bisbee]

You can check out more of his work over on his website and you will never look at rusty old nails in the same way again.



[Image Source: John Bisbee]

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