Naked Venus statue found in Roman garbage dump in France

"The Romans are famous for developing quarries all over the Mediterranean."
Nergis Firtina
Naked Venus
Naked Venus

A naked Venus statue has been found in a Roman-era trash dump with the other artifacts.

Discovered in France, it is thought that the vast collection of up to 1,800-year-old antiquities, including Venus statuettes, a potter's kiln, coins, and clothespins belong to a Roman setting now known as Rennes.

Archaeologists from the French National Institute for Preventative Archaeological Research (Inrap) reported earlier this month that they had discovered a quarry that was probably important in constructing Roman Rennes while excavating before a development project.

It was used to extract tiny slabs of Brioverian schist during our era's first and second centuries to build the foundations for several of Condate's walls and streets. Archaeologists can learn more about the organization and management of the quarry through the excavation of such a set, which also allows them to understand the gestures of the quarry workers (tools used, extraction methods), the evolution of the working face over time, and the development of the quarry in successive levels.

Naked Venus statue found in Roman garbage dump in France
Large atypical vase from the Gallo-Roman period in ceramic, with drippings of pitch.

Developing quarries

"The Romans are famous for developing quarries all over the Mediterranean," Jason Farr, a Roman archaeologist at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Canada, told Live Science Farr, an expert in ancient quarries who was not involved in the present finding, said that "most quarries in the Roman world would have been local affairs, focused on supplying building stone in bulk to nearby towns and farms. The concrete walls favored by the Romans required a great deal of stone."

A fragment of the mother-goddess Venus genetrix, depicted with her chest covered in fabric, was discovered during the quarry excavation. Venus Anadyomene, who rose from the sea, is the second and more full illustration. She is naked and is wringing the water from her hair with her right hand.