NASA and SpaceX Aim to Blow Up Rocket During Test Next Week

Its one of the final major tests for SpaceX before it can ferry astronauts to space.
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NASA and SpaceX are gearing up for the Dragon rocket to blow up on 18 January, as part of an In-Flight Abort Test of the Crew Dragon. 

It is one of the final major tests for SpaceX before NASA astronauts are able to fly on the spacecraft. 


The Dragon's emergency escape system being tested

The test has been delayed for a week for additional "spacecraft processing," NASA said earlier in the week. NASA and SpaceX are testing the Dragon's emergency escape system. If that passes, it paves the way for Dragon to bring astronauts to space. 

During the test, Crew Dragon is supposed to separate from Falcon 9, set off the SuperDraco engines to distance itself from the Crew Dragon and parachute into its landing in the ocean. 

The rocket will fly for more than a minute 

The Falcon 9 carrying the Crew Dragon will launch from Kennedy Space Station in Flordia, will fly for 88 seconds and then the test will begin.  The Falcon 9 is expected to explore about 19 miles from the test site, reported TheNextWeb

The report noted engineers are rooting for the Falcon 9 to have a fiery end to burn the remaining fuel before landing in the ocean.  

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