NASA's Spooky Playlist Will Take You Into the Depths of Space

NASA’s halloween playlist proves that there is nothing spookier than the unknown.
Deniz Yildiran

This will be the best-fitting playlist for Halloween you could ever listen to. NASA just released its spooky SoundCloud playlist that will take you down to the depths of space. Using data from spacecraft, a bunch of sinister sounds is ready to rock the astrophile.

Remember that famous repetitive fast radio bursts? Well, these singles are even more fascinating than those we encountered a couple of months ago, and are filled with moans and whistles, as NASA suggests. 

NASA made the announcement on Twitter in a sneaky way a few days ago, stating that they didn't mean to frighten anyone. But the playlist got us already, and you? 


From solar winds to the whole universe

The list comprises particular sounds of our close planets in the Solar system. If you're willing to know what the swirling auroras of Jupiter sound like, Juno Spacecraft has some melodies to share. The sounds are recorded by the spacecraft passing by Jupiter on February 2, 2017. Who would've thought the radio and plasma waves in Jupiter’s magnetosphere would sound this spooky?

You'll even hear the ancient universe burst when it was only a hot plasma ball 13.8 billion years ago. "The primordial sound waves have been translated into frequencies we can hear," NASA says. And it's majestic. 

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The most horrifying one on the list seems to be number 11, "Sounds Of Europas Plasma Waves." It will definitely make you feel like you're endlessly falling through a massive black hole. At least, you'll be vibing to that. 

The ones recorded by "Chandra X-ray Observatory" is some true art piece though. It could make you question whether life imitates art or vice versa while taking you to a cosmic-baroque land. 

Check the list below:

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