Netflix Commissioned Hans Zimmer for Their New Theme Song

The tune was specifically created for theaters and it sounds incredible.
Fabienne Lang
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When iconic film score composer, Hans Zimmer, makes music, it's oh-so-magical. His typically orchestral tunes with their incredible build ups enchant listeners.

For theater-goers going to watch a Netflix original on the big screen, a happy day has come as Zimmer was commissioned by the streaming giant to compose its new theme song for theaters. 

The tune is the elongated version of Netflix's typical three second-long "ta-dum" sound at the start of each movie, series, or documentary.


An intense "ta-dum"

Netflix's short "ta-dum" sound at the start of its original shows and movies was deemed too short for theater and festival versions, which play on their big screens. Taking matters into their hands, Netflix got Zimmer on board and we're very glad they did.

Remember the music from Gladiator or Inception? Words that come to mind are instrumental, build-up, loud, heart-thumping-worthy — that's Zimmer in a nutshell.

And even though his new composition for Netflix is shorter than his usual pieces, it has all the good stuff packed in it. 

As per the Verge's reporting, Netflix's brand design lead Tanya Kumar told Dallas Taylor on his podcast, that they were looking for someone who had previously been affiliated to Netflix and who is deeply involved with the world of cinema. Given his past work on Netflix's The Crown, and aside from his many many ties with cinema, Zimmer seemed the perfect fit.

The plan was to create music that was fit for cinemas, with the usual build up and excitement you feel when listening to iconic cinematic tunes such as 20th Century's song, yet short enough to keep watchers' attention. 

Take a listen yourself via the post below and see what you make of it — did Zimmer capture Netflix's essence while combining it with cinemas? 

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