Netflix's Upcoming Thriller Series 'Clickbait' Will Tackle the Dangers of Social Media

The series will employ the talents of veteran film makers to help bring it to life.
Donovan Alexander

When the first season of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror arrived on Netflix, it was immediately well-received by both viewers and critics garnering a cult-like following for its nuanced and often piercing critique of our relationship with modern technology.

Say what you want about Black Mirror, the British science fiction anthology television series has become another testament that Netflix can create great content. Even more so, it spoke to an apparent growing cynicism in our technology-obsessed culture. 

It seems Netflix could be taking a similar direction in its recently announced thriller series, dubbed Clickbait.

The streaming company has brought along some heavy hitters to help bring the vision to life. Though not much is known about the series yet, Clickbait has already started the hype-train.

Getting the right team 

It was described in the Guardian as a “character-based thriller” exploring “the ways in which our most dangerous and uncontrolled impulses are fuelled in the age of social media.”

Now to get this vision right, it will take some level of nuance. If not done right, this series can come off as preachy or cheesy. This is something we definitely do not want as social media, and how it affects us, is both an interesting and powerful topic in today's society. The show then that has the potential to help us evaluate our own doubts and fears about technology and culture.


So how does one accomplish this monumental task?

Netflix has brought along veteran Australian filmmaker Tony Ayres and writer Christian White. If you do not know these names, you definitely know some of their work.

Tony Ayres who is creating, running and producing the show, has pieced together well-received shows like The Slap, Nowhere Boys, and Glitch. David Heyman, who was a producer for Harry Potter and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, will be taking up production. 

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It will be interesting to see the show come into fruition and what details will be revealed over the next couple of months. Ayres has described Clickbait as a passion project, with the aims of creating a show that has a "real global reach and impact."

Social media today 

Social media has proven to be both a powerful and helpful tool and has equally become a toxic environment with a growing amount of dangerous trends.

Simply, search "the most dangerous trends on social media" to get some insights into how social media can be used in a way that causes more harm than good. There are even people climbing to their deaths and eating poisonous creatures just to garner a few followers. 

Do you think Clickbait has the potential to be good? What topics would you like to see tackled? 

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