New Explorer Superyacht Design Brings Research and Luxury Together

Arctic Owl is designed to reach some of the most remote regions on Earth.
Fabienne Lang
Arctic OwlCourtesy of Steve Kozloff

Steve Kozloff unveiled his latest polar expedition yacht concept, and it's a light, fast, 200 foot (61 meters) explorer called Arctic Owl. 

Arctic Owl is part of Kozloff's Goliath Series, which features various impressive arctic explorer yacht designs.

Not only is the Arctic Owl able to access and explore some of the world's most hard-to-reach regions, but it'll also do it in pure luxury. 

New Explorer Superyacht Design Brings Research and Luxury Together
The Arctic Owl with render garages. Source: Courtesy of Steve Kozloff

In true explorer style, the yacht has a shallow draft of only eight feet, so accessing shallow waters won't be an issue. It'll cruise along at speeds of 16 knots for 6,000 miles, with a maximum speed of 18.32 knots, which will be powered by a diesel-electric engine.

And for easy research access, it comes with a dedicated garage that can accommodate the U-Boat Worx NEMO submarine, which has an easy launch and recovery system newly designed by Kozloff. 

New Explorer Superyacht Design Brings Research and Luxury Together
Source: Courtesy of Steve Kozloff

There is another garage specifically for other tenders — easy access all around. Adding to her explorer and researcher title, the Artic Owl comes equipped with two aft cranes to load and unload equipment, vehicles, research specimen, and more. 

And thanks to her design, the yacht offers unobstructed views on nearly all corners of the Arctic Owl, including the bridge, which has a nearly 360-degree viewpoint. She also comes with a hangar space that can be converted into a helipad when needed.

New Explorer Superyacht Design Brings Research and Luxury Together
The unique Arctic Owl's design will assist it in remote arctic waters. Source: Courtesy of Steve Kozloff

In keeping with her luxury standard, the yacht has a large swimming pool and three lounging areas, as well as a spa. In total, she can sleep up to 10 passengers and six crew members, with the two forward and aft master cabins offering panoramic views.

She certainly represents an impressive explorer vessel with all the luxury trimmings one expects to find on such a superyacht. 

All information was provided by the courtesy of Steve Kozloff.


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