New "Green" Building Design from Taiwan

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agora01[Image Source: Vincente Callebaut]

This is the Agora tower, planned to be built in the Xinyin district of Taipei, Taiwan. Designer is Vincent Callebaut who is famous for his strong eco-vision. The architect has designed a place where its inhabitants will create strong symbiotic relationship between themselves and nature. Suspended orchards will be planted on balconies, along with  vegetable gardens and herbal and medical greenery that will supply citizens with fresh production. It is expected that industrial waste will be returned as a 'technical nutrient' to be recycled. The towers resemble the structure of DNA and offer four types of dwellings. The angled apartments additionally offer exceptional views of the city by multiplying the transversal views of the overall east-west rhomboidal pyramid.


[Image Source: Vincente Callebaut]

The tower is surrounded by artificial forest, and houses a pedestrian square and aquatic glade inside. А fixed central circular light well provides sufficient, natural light and ventilation to the deepest levels, where are the car park and swimming pool. The cylindrical void houses a vertical garden and farm maintained by the inhabitants.


[Image Source: Vincente Callebaut]

Photo-voltaic cells, rainwater filtration systems and phyto-depuration structures expand the green profile of Agora tower. Two staircases, 4 high speed elevators and 1 car elevator provide fast transportation within the tower.  Descending balconies are shielded by the superior level, while ascending terraces are open air and have maximum exposure to sunlight.

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