New Istanbul airport is to be world’s busiest thanks to largest terminal in the world

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We have been treated to some renders of the new Istanbul Airport in Turkey that is set to replace the Ataturk Airport. It will become one of the busiest airports around the world and feature the biggest terminal that is under a single roof of any airport.

istanbul-new-airport[Image Courtesy of Grimshaw Architects]

The new airport has been designed by Grimshaw Architects, who have plenty of experience in designing airports. They are the architects that were behind the Fulton Centre transit hub located in New York. This is known for the spectacular kaleidoscope skylight dome, which is 53 feet in diameter and which is able to pull light deep into the building of the underground station.

istanbul-new-airport-5[Image Source: Grimshaw Architects]

The Istanbul Airport will be larger than the one proposed by architects Foster and Partners, who are working on an airport for Mexico City. They claimed that this would be the biggest in the world at 555,000 square meters, however, in the Istanbul Airport the Terminal One is going to be 1, 000,000 square meters on its own.

istanbul-new-airport-4[Image Source: Grimshaw Architects]

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The architects have designed the airport to be built in different stages. The first phase is set to start in 2019. The airport will be able to deal with 90 million passengers per year and this will expand as time passes. When the airport has reached its completion after the final stage, it is estimated that it will be able to cater for more than 150 million passengers a year. Initially, the airport is set to have three runways; this will be expanded to six by the time the airport reaches completion.

istanbul-new-airport-3[Image Source: Grimshaw Architects]

Grimshaw Architects are working on the airport project alongside their partners GMW Mimarlık, Tekeli-Sisa Mimarlık, the Nordic Office of Architecture and Haptic Architects.


istanbul-new-airport-1[Image Source: Grimshaw Architects]

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