Eco Bath - New Proposal for Water Recycling

Interesting Engineering

The increasing of human population determines also increasing of the usage of some vital resources, such as food, clean water, medicaments, etc. In many areas these resources are insufficient and many people offer ideas for recycling and more complex usage of the available resources. For example, plastic packs could be used multiple times and then turned into flower pots or containers for various stuff. Food residues could be composted and turned into nutrient substrate for plants. The moment with water recycling is more complicated because it is hard to purify the liquid at home after washing your hands. This is why waste water is forwarded from your home to huge purifying plants where the waste is cleaned and the water is released pure into natural water basins.

eco bath[Image Source: Jang Woo-Seok, EcoBath]

Jang Woo-Seok, a designer from South Korea who’s working in the fields of industrial, furniture and graphic design, offers an intermediate level of water usage. Instead of flowing to the sewage channels, the water from the bath sink is forwarded to a toilet cistern. After several hand washes the water collected in the toilet cistern becomes enough for a toilet wash. The concept was called Eco Bath and is supplied with LED light which indicates whether the cistern is full or not. The light is red while it is empty and becomes green when the cistern is full. It is obvious that the waste water from the sink is not sufficient to provide normal toilet functioning. This is why the designer left another cistern filled in the regular way.

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eco bath[Image Source: Jang Woo-Seok, EcoBath]

Sustainable Urinal from the same designer offers similar idea. It concerns common urinal found in many toilets at public places, but with an upgrade – a sink right above it. So the water that left after the customer washes his hands could be used to flush the urinal.

sustainable urinal[Image Source: Jang Woo-Seok, EcoBath]