New PSVR 2 Patent Revealed, as Sony Marks 3 Year PSVR Anniversary with Sale

A new patent filing was discovered by LetsGoDigital.
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On October 13th, Sony marked the third anniversary of the Playstation VR. 

To celebrate, the company has revealed a "very special PS VR anniversary sale" alongside details of new upcoming VR game releases.

What's more, LetsGoDigital, the company that recently uncovered and made renders for a patent filing for the PS5, has discovered a new filing for what will likely be the PSVR 2.


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Sony has revealed new details about upcoming releases in a blog post celebrating the anniversary of the PSVR.

Amongst the new games mentioned are alien adventure Bonfire, rhythm game Audica, exploration sim Paper Beast, a VR version of 1995's Pixel Ripped, and "spine-tingling" The RoomVR: A Dark Matter.

From yesterday (October 13) until October 23, gamers can get a discount of up to 60% off PSVR games, including Batman: Arkham VR, and possibly the world's most ported game in history, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


On top of the new games news, there is also news of an actual new PlayStation VR. A patent for a new PlayStation VR headset was recently discovered by LetsGoDigital.

This may be launched alongside, or just after, the PS5, as Eurogamer reports. The filing is from February 2019 but was only discovered earlier this week.

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New PSVR 2 Patent Revealed, as Sony Marks 3 Year PSVR Anniversary with Sale
Source: LetsGoDigital

Images from the patent filing show a design for a PSVR headset that includes two front cameras and one camera at the rear.

Another camera is included on a controller that resembles the one for the PlayStation Move. A microphone will again be included.

Overall, the new iteration looks very much like the current version of Playstation VR.

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