New Tesla China Promo Shows Mystery Box in Videogame Collaboration

The Tesla promo shows off the Shanghai Gigafactory, a Tesla Semi, and a Made-in-China Model 3.
Chris Young

In a cool new promo that betrays its videogame-leanings early on, Tesla China has unveiled a new collaboration with Game of Peace, China's version of battle royale game and Fortnite precursor PUBG mobile.

The promo also gives us a look at the Gigafactory Shanghai at night, a Tesla Semi, and the Made in China Model 3. 


A mysterious package

Over the weekend, members of the Tesla community had spotted a mysterious crate on the Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai grounds. 

As Tesla China's new promo video has revealed, the crate was a reference to a partnership with “Game of Peace,” one of China’s most popular videogames with over 400 million users.

Game of Peace is the Chinese version of the incredibly popular PUBG mobile. Watch the promo vid above.

Tapping into the videogame market

The video starts with a mysterious crate being airdropped, PUBG-style, onto the Gigafactory Shanghai complex. A little Easter Egg that keen observers will notice is a Tesla Supercharger inside the aircraft that drops the crate from the sky.

The crate is then loaded into a Tesla, which then drives the mysterious package to a shopping mall. The crate is opened to reveal a Made in China Model 3 with a custom paint job showing the game's title. 

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Tesla China, which has recently announced it can produce 200,000 vehicles a year at its Shanghai Gigafactory, will no doubt see the inclusion of its electric sedan in a videogame with a 400 million-strong install base as a great way of increasing visibility in the country.

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