New Tron-Like eSkootr Championship Looks Utterly Insane

The team at eSC has presented its new racing series as a "champion for change."
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Formula E driver Lucas Di Grassi calls eSC "a more sustainable way to go racing.”Source: eSC

Have you ever dreamed of seeing neon-lit, leather-clad racers go 100 km/h (62 mph) down straights while riding in a completely new race format? We're happy to say it's your lucky day.

The eSkootr Championship (eSC), with its stunning Tron-like aesthetic, will see electric scooter racers face off in an all-new championship. No one asked for it, but we're pretty sure a lot of people are going to be completely here for this particular brand of insanity.


Shining a light on urban mobility

With electric urban mobility scooters well on course to becoming ubiquitous in modern cities, the eSC team decided they wanted to showcase innovations in micromobility by shining a light on urban transportation.

In a press release, the eSC team said that "the inaugural eSkootr Championship will kick off in 2021." What's more, it will take place "at a series of specially designed urban venues in some of the world's most cosmopolitan and progressive cities."

New Tron-Like eSkootr Championship Looks Utterly Insane
Source: eSC

The focus of the eSC is on accessible, sustainable racing, as electric scooters will obviously have a minuscule carbon footprint when compared to the big gas guzzlers over at Formula 1 and Moto GP.

An electric racing revolution

eSC isn't the first company to look at the future of racing with a new sustainable alternative. Flying car company Alauda recently announced its Airspeeder electric racing series that aims to be the F1 of the skies. Both of these will no doubt thrill audiences with their new racing vehicles taking to the roads and to the skies at breakneck speeds.

New Tron-Like eSkootr Championship Looks Utterly Insane
Source: eSC

The eSC team certainly has a wide range of experience to draw from: it's run by CEO Hrag Sarkissian alongside Formula 1 driver Alex Wurz, Formula E driver Lucas Di Grassi and A1GP driver Khalil Beschir.

The team says that racers from all sorts of backgrounds can join, including car and motorcycle racers, cyclists, snowboarders, skaters, and even eSports racers.

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New Tron-Like eSkootr Championship Looks Utterly Insane
Source: eSC

eSC says racers will use "high-speed purpose-built race scooters capable of speeds reaching 100 km/h (60 mph)." The company also reports that it has partnered with a "high-technology provider" to build its scooters and that the first prototype will be revealed later this year.

We're keen to see what this racing series will look like — if it ends up looking even slightly like this incredibly OTT videogame-like render video, we'll most likely be buying tickets to the nearest race.

The most exciting thing about all of this for us? Formula 1 will likely have a whole set of new, more sustainable championship contenders vying for its throne over the coming months and years.