New Videos From Hubble Are Simply Stunning

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New videos from NASA's Hubble telescope give a 3-D fly-by of nebulae and planets as if you were flying at lightspeed through the universe. The videos are produced from photographs and data collected by the World's most famous telescope - widely known for its deep field images.

hubblegif[Image Source: Sploid]

The Hubble telescope was carried into orbit by a Space Shuttle in 1990 and has produced some of the most breathtaking photos ever. As it orbits outside of Earth's atmosphere, the telescope can take high resolution images with no background light or dust interference from the atmosphere. The telescope can capture images in infrared, ultraviolet and of course, the visible light spectrum. Hubble has assisted many breakthroughs in astrophysics, including accurate calculation of the expansion of the universe. The images are also simply a great source of awe and inspiration to the general public. Check out the videos below:
Flyby of the star-forming region Sharpless 2-106
If you have 3-D Glasses:
Bright Pillar in the Carina Nebula:
Horsehead Nebula
Hubble Deep Field
Moons of Saturn:
Active Galaxy Hercules A: Visible and Radio Comparison:

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