Next Level Cyber Security: FBI Teams Up with "Have I Been Pwnd"

The open source project will focus on finding compromised passwords.
Fabienne Lang

It's been a big week for the website Have I Been Pwnd (HIBP). Its creator, Troy Hunt, happily announced the news that it'll be working closely with the FBI regarding leaked passwords, and that it's officially an open source project. 

HIBP is a website that enables you to check whether or not your login details and passwords have been compromised. The importance and popularity of online security is clearly something on many people's minds of late, as Hunt noted in his blog post that his website has had close to one billion requests for cyber checks every month. 

FBI and open source

It's clear to see why the FBI was keen to collaborate with HIBP. The hope is that HIBP's database will exponentially grow, as the partnership will give the website access to a fresh set of compromised passwords, dependent on what the FBI is investigating. 

The FBI has its fingers in many pots when it comes to cyber investigations, from ransomware to child abuse to terrorism, as Hunt explains, and they often come across compromised passwords. These passwords are often used by criminal organizations that exploit the online assets of those who created them, and as Hunt rhetorically asked "Wouldn't it be great if we could do something meaningful to combat that?"

In terms of the website now being open source, it can officially be accessed via the .NET Foundation, so that others can contribute to the project, and help make the entire process of finding compromised passwords swifter and easier. 

Hunt first announced his intentions of turning his website into an open-sourced space last August, as he knew that it was a good plan for the project's longevity. So, Hunt is now asking people to help develop an ingestion route for HIPB's data. Hunt's made clear what he's looking to work on for anyone looking to help: a code for password ingestion. 

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