No, Your Eye Doesn't Look Like This Under Microscope

A tweet has gone viral showing a strange image of the eye under a microscope. Only problem is that it isn't real.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Social media is known as a place where misinformation can spread quickly and out of control. If something goes viral, it is hard to stop its reach.


This is exactly what happened with an image that supposedly shows your eye under a microscope. The image was shared by science educational website Physics and Astronomy Zone.

Your eye under a microscope

It features a black iris surrounded by what looks like some creepy moving orange worms. The image has the simple caption: "This is your eye under microscope."

Sounds innocent enough right? Even fun. I mean who wouldn't want to see what our eyes look like under a microscope particularly if they have intriguing moving parts?

Not real

The only problem is that it is not real. As planetary scientist Dr. James O'Donoghue pointed out the image is false and it has been indicated so by doctors.

"Despite eye doctors/surgeons telling Zonephysics it's not true, they don't remove it. What did they do instead? They made it their pinned tweet. They communicate lies under the banner of science, damaging its reputation, so please don't share their stuff," wrote O'Donoghue.

The scientist even shared a link to a tweet by an eye doctor discrediting the picture. "No, it isn’t. Eye doctor here, and nope," said the medical doctor in a tweet.

So why has Physics and Astronomy Zone not taken down the tweet yet? Or even issued a reply? It is hard to tell as they have not responded to the tweets.

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It could be a simple case of not having read them. One thing is for sure if they have the tweet pinned they must believe it to be true.

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