'Non-human biologics', 'Transparency' dominate US Congressional hearing on UFOs

Whistleblower David Grusch revealed that the US government had undertaken a "multi-decade" program aimed at gathering and attempting to reverse-engineer crashed UFOs.
Ameya Paleja

Terms like "non-human biologics" and "transparency" dominated the US Congressional hearing about unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), commonly known as UFOs.

The hearing featured three former military veterans, including whistleblower David Grusch as witnesses. Still, it did not have a blockbuster moment that would stop the world in its tracks and require people to pay attention.

This is rather strange given that the hearing was initiated due to Grusch's statements about alien spacecraft that he had made to various news outlets in the months leading up to it.

During the sworn testimony, the whistleblower advocated for increased secrecy and private discussions, which contradicted his previous grievances against the US government for the same reasons.

Are there aliens on Earth?

One would expect some shocking revelations when not one but three military veterans take the witness stand during a hearing about UAP.

The presence of not just one, but three military veterans testifying during a UAP hearing would naturally lead us to anticipate some astonishing revelations.

One among them, David Fravor, was a US Navy aviator and a witness to the Tic-Tac-like-flying object that was even captured on camera over the Pacific in 2004. Fravor argued that the technology he witnessed nearly 20 years ago was far superior to what the US is even looking to develop in the next decade.

Grusch who previously claimed that the US is in possession of "non-human spacecraft" reiterated the same under oath during the hearing. When probed if the spacecraft was piloted, he added that some non-human biologics were recovered as well.

Grusch went as far as claiming that the US government possessed this knowledge since the 1930s, but he chose not to disclose any additional details during the public hearing. Earlier this month, an Italian researcher made a similar claim that a UFO had crashed during the rule of Benito Mussolini and the US was now in possession of the spacecraft.

However, during the hearing, Grusch refrained from providing detailed information about the whereabouts of these biologics or technology. Nevertheless, he asserted that the insights into their origins were based on the accounts of individuals who had direct involvement in government programs and were still actively working on them to this day.

Need for a better environment

The witnesses utilized the public hearing as an opportunity to advocate for a better environment for individuals interested in discussing UAP and their sightings. Grusch told the Congressional hearing that his revelations had led to "very brutal retaliations" which had "hurt (him) professionally and personally".

He also told the committee that he knew of people who had been "harmed or injured" in the government's attempts to conceal information about UFOs and also "feared for his life" after his whistleblower complaint.

Ryan Graves, another former US Navy pilot told the committee that sightings of UAP were "not rare or isolated" events but "military crew and commercial pilots frequently witnessed these phenomena".

Graves believes that the stigma surrounding UAP is genuine, leading to silenced pilots who fear facing "professional repercussions" if they report their sightings. He also pointed out that the government questioned the credibility of eyewitness testimonies.

After establishing an All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) within the Department of Defense to address concerns regarding UAP with greater transparency in 2021, the US government has discredited hundreds of sightings for 'lack of evidence' in last year's summary report.

Sean M. Kirkpatrick, the director of AARO had claimed last year that the number of sightings had considerably increased since the establishment of his office and formal means of reporting UAP.

Graves, who has previously claimed to witness UAP off the Atlantic Coast "every day for at least a couple of years" has also set up the Americans for Safe Aerospace, a non-profit organization as a platform to voice concerns of over 30 pilots with similar experiences.

Threat to national security

Given the subcommittee's focus on national security, its members were eager to know whether UAP posed a threat in this regard. In response, Graves asserted that the technology observed was vastly superior to anything he was aware of, and regardless of whether the UAP originated from foreign drones, they indeed posed a threat to national security.

He also added concern about the lack of government oversight in programs that deal with such technology and called for greater transparency from the Department of Defense on these matters. The committee members claimed that the department officials had stone-walled their requests in the run-up to the hearing.

The Pentagon has denied claims that it is engaged in a "multi-decade" coverup. A spokesperson for the department said that it did not have any verifiable information regarding the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials in the past or exist currently.

Both the witnesses and members of the committee were of the view that the hearing would lead to greater transparency from the government and attempts to take the public into confidence rather than hide information from them.

No new lessons

For many the hearing did not add any new information that already exists about UAP and the possible existence of alien life. Journalist and historian Garett M. Graff tweeted,

Graff conveyed to The Guardian that recent events are just one among several episodes where interest in UAP surges, but no concrete evidence emerges to substantiate the notion of a long-standing government secret hidden from the public for decades, not merely weeks or months.

Grusch himself has said that he has neither been a witness to the spacecraft nor the non-human remains during the course of his career and only heard about them from people involved in these projects.