Nvidia Lets You Recreate Your Dog's Smile On Another Animal With New App

Nvidia is showing off its GANs chops with a new app.
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Artificial intelligence is at the heart of many existing and future applications, requiring scientists and engineers to constantly work to advance the technology.  One area that has been taking off is generative adversarial networks or GANs. With this emerging AI technique, two neural networks are put up against each other. 

To show off its chops in GANs, graphics chip maker Nividia just launched a new app. In a blog post, Nvidia announced the launch of GANimal. 


Nvidia lets you see your dog smile a lot 

With the app, the user uploads an image of their dog or cat and can then see the pet's expression and pose created on images of dozens of different breeds of dogs and species including an African hunting dog and a sloth bear. Nvidia's Rick Merritt, who penned the blog, tested the app on a picture of his son's dog Duke. You can see the results below. 

Nvidia's GANs app
Nvida's GANimal App recreates expression on other breeds. Source: Nvidia 

GANs have real-world uses 

While Nvidia chose a fun way to show off this new AI technique, there are serious applications that it could be used for in the future. The graphic chip maker pointed to moviemakers using it record dogs doing tricks and then map it via AI to tigers or bears as one example. 

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The new app isn't the first time Nvidia has dabbled with GANs. In March it released a new image creator that took the world by storm called GauGAN. The software used GANs to let users turn rough sketches into detailed landscapes that look almost like the real thing. The idea according to Nvidia is to someday create a tool that will enable artists, architects, film directors and anybody else to create virtual worlds that are extremely detailed and of high quality in seconds.  

While Nvidia wants to enhance the world with GANs not everyone is using it for good. It is behind the proliferation of deepfakes that are premating society at a rapid rate. 

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