Ocean Spiral underwater city could help ease strain on the world

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The world is increasing in population more and more each year and this puts an even greater strain on the world's resources. However, Shimizu, a firm from Japan, have now come up with a rather clever idea that could help to ease the strain, by way of an underwater city called the Ocean Spiral. The city would make use of the rich resources of the ocean.

ocean-spiral-underwater-city-6[Image Source: Shimizu]

The Ocean Spiral features a huge floating sphere that would have the name of the Blue Garden. This would be around 500m in diameter and the largest part of the sphere would be below the water’s surface. The only part of the sphere that would be seen above the ocean would be the very top part of the sphere. The sphere, or Blue Garden, would have 75 floors and on these would be spaces for commercial, residential, hospitality and research purposes. Around 4,000 people could reside permanently on the sphere and another 1,000 people could visit it daily.

ocean-spiral-underwater-city-5[Image Source: Shimizu]

There would be a grand entrance way on the surface of the water and this would allow entry to the Ocean Spiral and Blue Garden. The Blue Garden would hold a huge atrium along with an observation gondola and hotel suites. There would also be room for a sea park, retail and leisure plaza. All the controls for the oxygen levels along the humidity and temperature would be inside the Blue Garden.

ocean-spiral-underwater-city-12[Image Source: Shimizu]

The Ocean Spiral would be a spiral shape that went all the way down to the sea-bed, some 3 to 4 kilometers below, with the sea-bed being the Earth Factory. The factory would be anchored down on the sea bed and access would be via transport tunnels. The factories could come in for storing, treating and reusing carbon dioxide along with playing a part in cultivating and developing deep sea resources.

ocean-spiral-underwater-city-11[Image Source: Shimizu]

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The spiral would be home to all the functions needed for the complex to operate in the ocean. The power would be generated thanks to conversion of the ocean thermal energy, while food would come from deep sea aquaculture and water would be desalinated. There would also be a port so that visiting submarines would be able to dock.

ocean-spiral-underwater-city-9[Image Source: Shimizu]

The shape of the Ocean Spiral would be the same as the sphere of the Blue Garden, specifically picked thanks to the strength it would have against the water pressure outside. A central internal tower would act as reinforcement for the sphere. There would be a frame constructed using resin concrete for the sphere along with the tower. This would feature acrylic sheeting measuring around 50m on the side and this could use fibreglass cross bracing ribs that are transparent for reinforcement.

ocean-spiral-underwater-city-10[Image Source: Shimizu]

All of the construction of the underwater city would happen at the surface of the ocean and the company behind it say that the project would cost around US$25.5 billion and they could have it completed in 15 years.

ocean-spiral-underwater-city-7[Image Source: Shimizu]

Shimizu says that the project should go ahead due to five main reasons. These are the potential for sourcing seafood, generating energy, producing water that is desalinated, treating carbon dioxide and getting the resources from the seafloor along with the ocean.



ocean-spiral-underwater-city[Image Source: Shimizu]

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