Off-Road Converted Lawn Mower Goes the Distance with 38-Inch Tires

Named 'Bowser,' this lawn mower is one beast of a machine.
Fabienne Lang
The Bowser mowersouthernmud89/YouTube

From goats to push-reels, lawn mowers have adapted throughout the ages and countries so that now there's truly something for everyone. 

A new addition to the ever-growing lawn mowing list is a massive off-roading 38-inched mud tire machine going by the name of "Bowser." 

The Drive takes the credit for noticing this four-wheeler and shedding light on a new style of mower. 

Created by Jaymes Davis, "Bowser" is a beast. 


Forging through waterways, over and sideways across mud hills, making its way through rocky off-road paths, this mower appears to be able to withstand almost anything thrown at it. 

In keeping with its genre, Davis decided to keep the lawn-green color of the machinery, he's also added a three-speed Saginaw transmission, new pipes, a Toyota transfer case, a custom four-link suspension, and two axels that look like they could have previously belonged to a Jeep, describes The Drive.

And let's not forget the racing seat. 

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As Davis explains himself on his YouTube channel, "Bowser is "A craftsman LT1000 gone off-road! Before all the "AIR DOWN" comments come pouring in, every shot of browser is with the tires at 2 psi! It's just super light. Jeep running gear, saginaw transmission, and Toyota transfer case. Open diffs front and rear with 4.88 gears."

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Even though it's a very cool piece of off-road design, we're not entirely sure how handy a lawn mower, however impressive it is, would be in a watery scenario. Take a look at Davis showing off his creation in what looks like a shallow lake.

Regardless, it's a fun piece of engineering and for anyone with rocky outcrops or hilly gardens to maintain, "Bowser" will come in handy. 

Perhaps it could join the likes of this turreted three-wheeler driving system in the next Mad Max movie.

Check it out in the video below, to see "Bowser" in all its glory: 

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