Off-Roading Using 8x8 Old Military Tech? Save Me a Spot

Off-roading just got more awesome thanks to this 8x8 competition.
Christopher McFadden

Off-roading is one of the best things you can do with your time — especially for those who love all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). But, when you combine the activity with ex-military vehicles, the experience is taken to a whole new level. 

An extreme overland championship, called Truck Trial CZ, does exactly that. Featuring retired military hardware, the series is the perfect watch for off-road lovers and military enthusiasts alike. 

Vehicles from Tatra T813s (heavy-duty 8x8 all wheel-steering), to others, are put through their paces in a death-defying race to the finish. The former, in particular, features heavily in a recent video that was uploaded to social media

The footage is taken during the series' June 2018 visit to Stráž pod Ralskem in the northern Czech Republic and has everything you'd expect. Tons of mud, near misses, and actual crashes, as well as the odd rescue. 

In the video, the T813s are really pushed to their limits over some of the most difficult natural and artificial terrain going, including ditch crossings and off-camber hill climbs, and barely-controlled descents. 

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The competition is, by its very nature competitive, and uses a points structure to determine the winner. But, this is just a cover for the participants to have the maximum amount of fun while trying to get from point A to point B. 

Watch it for yourself above. 

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