Old Vespa Scooters Transformed into Office Furniture

Trevor English

The art of taking old and turning it into new is one that takes years to master, but has beautiful results. Two artist and designer brothers teamed up to create the design studio Bel & Bel and they have taken their inspiration from the beauty of old objects. Most recently, the pair has begun taking old Vespa scooters and turning them into stunning office chairs. You don't have to be a hipster or an art lover to appreciate the attention to detail and beautiful designs on these works of art.

gulf vespa office chair[Image Source: Bel&Bel]

There isn't any word on how much each chair would set you back, but you can email the design firm to get information on purchasing one. Each chair is a limited edition and there won't be many of them made as they are genuine works of art. Surprisingly, all of the scooter parts are reclaimed and original to the 1980's Italian Vespa scooters. Featuring a reclining ability and reinforced internal support structure, you can focus on relaxing in these stylish seats.

white office chair scooter art[Image Source: Bel&Bel]

Available from their website here, the scooter chairs are completely customizable if you want to get one for your office.

Many offices today are filled with bland and dull furniture creating an environment that inhibits creativity. It is amazing how simply changing your office chair could brighten your day and give your space a whole new feeling.

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bel&bel vespa scooter chair[Image Source: Bel&Bel]

In order to increase durability and decrease wear, the seats are lined with the finest imitation leather. If you're tired of your office chair making noise every time you move, then you may want to upgrade to the stylish Vespa chair as well. They come standard with soft tread silent wheels that cut down on rolling noise.

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office furniture vespa scooter[Image Source: Bel&Bel]

Combining artistic ability and engineering is often uncommon, but when it's done, it results in some of the most intriguingly stunning things in our world. Who knew that some old motorcycle parts and a creative eye could create a one of a kind statement piece for you office.

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