OmniO Rider is the stroller that turns into a backpack

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When toddlers first start walking they can only walk so far before you have to pick them up or put them back in the stroller that you have to push around empty. Now, there is an alternative solution than pushing an empty stroller - you can wear it as a backpack. The OmniO Rider folds into a neat backpack and was recently revealed at the Gadget Show Live in the UK and it also won the British Invention of the Year.


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The OmniO Rider is a typical stroller when it’s unfolded. When folded however it takes on the appearance of a backpack and its small enough to easily carry onto buses and trains or stow in the boot of a car. The best thing about the stroller is that it isn't complicated to fold and put up; this can be done in 30 seconds.


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The OmniO Rider stroller is just 6kg in weight and has measurements of 50cm x 40cm x 20cm. It features padded straps that are built into the stroller and these make it easy and comfortable to carry around. There is also a cabin bag that covers the stroller which also comes in handy for covering the buggy. It is claimed to be one of the most portable strollers and it is ideal for when children first start to walk. Along with having the unique backpack form the stroller has other features which make it stand out, one of which is the omni-wheel steering system.


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Two wheels are omni-wheels and they can rotate the same as any other wheels but at the same time they can roll sideways. The wheels are puncture proof and can make the transition from pavements to woodland paths very easily. The omni-wheels can be changed between the back or front axles based on the preference of the steering style.

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It also features a six point child harness, sun canopy and a rain cover. It comes with various accessories including shoulder bag, foot muff, insulated drink bottle carrier and a lunch bag.

The idea for the stroller is the brainwave of Markus and Samantha Warwick. They designed the stroller for their own son who wanted to walk sometimes but ride other times. The stroller is perfect for those who ride a bike and take their child with them as when cycling the stroller can be carried as a backpack. Upon reaching your destination it can be unfolded and the child can ride in it.


[Image Source: Omnirider]

At the moment the OmniO Rider is on Indiegogo where the couple are raising funds for production. You can pledge US$350 to get one in the early stages; the price will then be $400, with the initial RRP being $500. If all goes to plan the stroller is going to ship in October.


[Image Source: Omnirider]

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