One Hospital's Impossible Surgeon Tryout Test

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Becoming a surgeon can be one of the most arduous educational tasks that students set out upon, and rightfully so. When a surgeon is operating on someone, the last thing anybody wants is for him to mess up. One hospital has taken a rather interesting approach to making sure their surgical staff is the best in the business. Kurashiki Central Hospital in Japan has developed a "surgeon tryout" test, with tasks ranging from miniature origami to single grain of rice sushi. Check out the video below and see which surgical students pass the test.

Three tasks are laid out for the surgeons. First, they have to create a miniature paper crane with some pretty tiny tools. Surely, if someone can do this, they have a steady enough hand to operate on even the most vital of organs. The second task is to reassemble a bug, and while you may think this sounds easy, the bug is tiny, and glue tends to get everywhere. After completing both of these tasks in incredibly short time limits, the group had to create sushi using single grains of rice. While this sushi won't satisfy anyone's appetite, it is pretty incredible to see tiny sushi rolls laid out on a miniature plate.

The winners who not only completed their tasks best but also in the fastest time were announced and offered jobs at the Hospital.

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surgeons test[Image Source: Kurashiki Central Hospital]

You may think this video is just a PR stunt, and while it may be that, the hospital has assured everyone that the winners now have jobs as hospital staff, according to RT. The hiring team at the hospital wanted to bring out more of the candidates qualities under pressure that wouldn't have shown in a traditional interview process. What is the craziest thing you have ever had to do for a job?

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