OpenAI launches ChatGPT Enterprise for large businesses

The company has not revealed its pricing plans or how it is different from Microsoft's offering for business customers.
Ameya Paleja
OpenAI launches ChatGPT Enterprise for large businesses
OpenAI launches ChatGPT Enterprise for large businesses


Sam Altman-led OpenAI has launched ChatGPT Enterprise in what is termed the biggest announcement since the debut of its conversational chatbot ChatGPT, CNBC reported. This new tool tier allows businesses access to GPT-4 with no usage restrictions and two times faster performance than previous versions.

Back in November last year, OpenAI became a household name following the release of ChatGPT, where a large number of users experienced the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) for the first time. In a matter of months, the tool had more than 100 million monthly active users, surpassing the likes of Instagram and Spotify in achieving this feat.

The company has since made headlines for its deepening association with Microsoft, where the latter has provided it with billions in monetary support in return for access to the advanced AI model to power its own tools. This is the first occasion OpenAI has rolled out its product since ChatGPT Plus, which was nothing more than a subscription to avail of the services.

What do we know about ChatGPT Enterprise?

According to CNBC's report, OpenAI has been working on the Enterprise version for less than a year. It also teamed up with more than 20 companies of varying sizes and in different sectors before rolling it out officially this week.

ChatGPT Enterprise customers can access GPT-4 and Application Programming Interface (API) credits. OpenAI claims that over 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies are currently using ChatGPT, and an Enterprise option will allow them to use their data to train their models.

This is likely to address concerns among businesses that confidential information might get shared with OpenAI when using ChatGPT. Interesting Engineering has previously reported such instances where users have accidentally shared information with the public version of the chatbot, hoping to get a resolution for their issues.

OpenAI denies that it trains its model on user data but will add an extra layer of encryption on client data when using the Enterprise version. The company has not publicly revealed any pricing for this feature.

Competing with Microsoft?

ChatGPT Enterprise has already scored customers such as Jack Dorsey's Block as well as investment group Carlyle. Although it has not specified a launch date, it also plans a Business version of ChatGPT for smaller companies and teams.

These plans effectively put OpenAI in direct competition with its chief financer, Microsoft, which has been offering businesses access to ChatGPT through its Azure OpenAI service. OpenAI's direct offering may help businesses save some cash as they do not have to subscribe to the Microsoft Azure platform to access ChatGPT. It indeed puts both companies vying for a similar set of customers.

OpenAI, which has been running ChatGPT for months, has been spending millions of dollars for the large number of requests it processes each month. It clearly needs new ways to make money to keep these services and work on more recent iterations of its products, as the generative AI race has just begun.

Companies like Anthropic have launched an updated version of their AI model Claude, and rumors are rife that Amazon is set to enter the fray with its own AI offering. With the competition in space warming up, OpenAI is preparing itself for the long run.

The question is whether businesses are keen on using GPT to make their decisions in the near future.

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