Over 50 Sharks Spotted Swimming Near the Shore in Australia

Luckily, lifeguards spotted the danger and warned the public just in time.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Sharks! The mere mention of them causes fear in our hearts and is enough to send anyone running from the beach. So you can guess the panic that ensued when 50 of these hunters were spotted near a popular New South Wales (NSW) coast.

The sharks were seen by lifeguards swimming between Moruya and Broulee, on the NSW Far South Coast, on Sunday. The professional swimmers quickly alerted beachgoers of the danger and even posted a video and a comment on their Facebook account.


"The Moruya Lifesaver crew undertaking a few preventative actions with over 50 sharks sighted between Moruya and Broulee and both (life-saving) crew taking some actions to ensure all were safe," the caption read.

"Remember to swim at a patrolled beach between the red and yellow flags and be alert."

The freaky video is shot from a helicopter and shows the dangerous animals swimming in the crystal clear blue water. Many people commented on the post thanking the lifeguards for their vigilance and great work.

"Great teamwork guys, thanks for being our eyes in the sky," said one poster. "Well done alerting us to the risk," said another.

They also wondered what kind of sharks they were and why they came so close to the shore.

It should be noted that in general sharks don't like to eat humans. “Your toaster is more likely to kill you than a shark,” Culum Brown, a fish biologist at Macquarie University told The Guardian in 2015. “It is extremely unlikely that you will ever be, or even know, a shark attack victim.