Meta introduced new features on WhatsApp. Now Windows desktop users of the app will be able to place audio and video calls.

Sejal Sharma | 3/23/2023

In an effort to increase marriage rates, Jiangxi province in eastern China created a dating app for Guixi city, which has a population of 640,000.

Nergis Firtina | 3/22/2023

The oldest pearl town has been discovered in the United Arab Emirates.

Nergis Firtina | 3/21/2023

U.S President Biden has signed a bill into law, making way for certain classified documents on the origins of the pandemic to be made public.

Sejal Sharma | 3/21/2023

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At Reims, France, a monumental site from the second and third centuries was found.

Nergis Firtina | 3/20/2023

Huawei has now revealed how it replaced and redesigned 13,000 components and 4,000 circuit boards in the past three years to overcome the sanctions.

Baba Tamim | 3/19/2023

Around 200 American banking institutions are susceptible to suffering the same fate as Silicon Valley Bank last week, according to a study.

Baba Tamim | 3/19/2023

Following the downing of an American drone by a Russian fighter aircraft on Tuesday, the U.S. has resumed surveillance drone operations over the Black Sea region. 

Baba Tamim | 3/19/2023

Silicon Valley Bank's former parent company, SVB Financial, has filed for bankruptcy just a week after the tech-dependent bank was shut down by regulators. 

Baba Tamim | 3/18/2023