Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is considering abandoning the current site of Heathrow airport and starting over by building a brand new airport on the Thames Estuary on a floating island.

Bamboo is a very versatile material and architecture and design collective, Penda, have come up with a concept for a bamboo tree house style eco-hotel

A housing block has been built by Pitman Tozer on a street called Mint street and the apartments are stylish and efficient, yet they are located just 12 meters from a very busy railway line.

Carl Merriman is a Lego artist and his latest creation is a compound microscope made completely from Lego bricks, which actually works.

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The guys over at have just completed a quarterly report on where the engineering jobs are.

Faberge Fractals. These stunning pieces of art have been created by Tom Beddard, a former laser physicist, the Faberge Fractals are beautiful and intricate.

Dietmar Voorwold creates some of the most stunning land art by using stones and rocks that he finds on site. Mother Nature then plays her part in land art.

What you see here are fabric wrapped buildings that make stunning artwork in cities.

This unusual restaurant is located at Villa Escudero resort, with the Waterfall Restaurant being located directly in front of the mad made falls.