Do you remember our previous article regarding Phonebloks? The concept of Dave Hakkens is now used by Motorola in an attempt to bring it to reality

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Indonesia is known as the largest Islamic country in the world, but 84.5% of the island population is referred to the Balinese Hinduism, considering that Bali’s residents are about 4.2 mln.

Rest In Memory (RIM) is a marble tile to be placed on gravestones, with a QR code and an NFC tag that let you link to a web-based memorial.

When the photography became more popular and affordable, people saw it as a way to keep their memories alive at some level

Caravisio is a product of Knaus Tabbert, a German manufacturer who worked more than 2 years over the concept in cooperation with 20 different companies to build a yacht

At present we are watching something like “the war of the smartphones” which started in a few years ago and main “enemies” are smartphone