Design student Behzad Rashidi has come up with a design of a crutch for the 21st century called the Sit & Stand walking assistant.

Canadian artist Bradley Hart makes artistic masterpieces by injecting acrylic paint into bubble wrap.

The Dwell is a container home that is able to operate in remote locations off the grid and is packed with features.

Car maker Smart revealed the Dancing Traffic Light. The red person dances to keep pedestrians entertained while waiting for the green light to appear.

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The Taku Tanku is a compact home that can be pulled along by a bicycle and it has a bed and a desk inside.

Thanks to 3D printing technology 3D printed customised guiatars comes as a fraction of the cost that it used to do, courtesy of Customuse.

The Lift, a wooden unit that is very stylish and which can help you to improve not only your posture, but also your productivity.

The Al Bayt Stadium is the second stadium desigined for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and will hold 60,000 people.