The URWERK UR-110 Eastwood luxury watch has been crafted to blend together stunning ebony wood, traditional tweed and a masterpiece of mechanics.

Frank Gehry designed part of the University of Technology in Australia to look like a squashed paper bag, using 320,000 handmade bricks to get the effect.

The Enko running shoes feature a coil sprung suspension system that can help runners to avoid injuries assocaited with running.

Drop-A-Brick is a rubber brick that could be the answer to surviving droughts. It helps reduce the waste water used in flushing toilets.

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The Sky Garden is claimed to be the highest public garden in London and offers breath taking views out over London.

Corner Packs delivery boxes make getting into your package a lot easier than the traditional packing carton with lots of tape.

Artist Richard Sweeney takes a piece of paper and can form it into delicate modular paper sculptures that are intricately formed.

The Ridersmate will send an SMS of your GPS location and last known travelling speed to up to 3 people should you be in an accident.

A home in Australia has been given an inside out extension to blur the line between the interior and exterior and features an outdoor bathtub.