New videos from NASA's Hubble telescope give a 3-D fly-by of nebulae and planets as if you were flying at lightspeed through the universe.

NASA have just released images and details of their latest spacesuit prototypes and are putting the final decision to public vote.

Someone has built the world’s first 3D printed kayak and yes it floats.

Simply, IKOS are a modular, spherical construction toy for inventors of all ages. With one standard shape, users can create everything from a full sphere to abstract curved creations.

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Multipod Studio recently announced a new sustainable home by way of a prototype, that is recyclable and which promises to be inexpensive and very efficient to run.

It can often be very difficult to remember names and this can be embarrassing "."

Photorealistic eyes drawn by artists using coloured pencils.

Mobile folding furniture creates a space saving environment in small offices and overcrowded apartment rentals.

The Swiss Room Box adds affordability to camping equipment and provides all campers with outdoor essentials and accessories.