Caravisio is a product of Knaus Tabbert, a German manufacturer who worked more than 2 years over the concept in cooperation with 20 different companies to build a yacht

At present we are watching something like “the war of the smartphones” which started in a few years ago and main “enemies” are smartphone

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So, how does Wheel Shields work? As its name suggests, this is a barrier between the wheel and the board which doesn’t allow an impact between them and prevents the “wheel bite”.

Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) is the company that stands behind GoSleep. They placed 10 sleeping pods

Jarst is a compost from interior, allows to recycle the waste organic substances, which are produced in the kitchen, also allows to fertilize the plant adjacent to the compartment composter.

Our bridges are getting old and many of them are in need of a bit of TLC. If you consider that some of the world’s most famous bridges are now over a century old