Paint injected bubble wrap art of Bradley Hart

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Artist Bradley Hart from Canada has put his own stamp on some of the classic paintings, painted by some of the great masters including Leonardo da Vinci, Henri Matisse and Monet. The artist makes two different versions of well-known works of art, one an injected bubble wrap version, and the other excess acrylic drippings on wood.


[Image Source: Bradley Hart]

When you first take a look at the works of art they seem to offer a different take on pointillism. However when you get closer to them you can see that what you thought were dots are the bubbles of bubble wrap, each having been injected with different colours of paint.

van-gogh-injection-and-impression-in-gallery-IIHIH[Image Source: Bradley Hart]

Van-Gogh-injection-IIHIH[Image Source: Bradley Hart]


[Image Source: Bradley Hart]

Bradley injects the Bubble wrap art individually with acrylic paint and he has to be aware of the exchange of the air inside as the paint displaces it.


[Image Source: Bradley Hart]


[Image Source: Bradley Hart]

When the paint has been injected into the bubble the excess is left to drip down onto the back of the artwork. When it is completed, the drippings can then be removed with surgical precision from the back of the plastic and this reveals the impression of the artwork.

mona-lisa-injection[Image Source: Bradley Hart]Mona-Lisa-impression