Get the kids to eat more bread thanks to Pan De Pop pop-up animals

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More often than not it is the simplest of inventions that are the best and this applies to the Pan De Pop Up bread cutter. If you want your young children to eat more bread or you want to make sandwiches with a difference for a party, this is the invention that you want. It is a bread cutter that allows you to turn an ordinary piece of bread into a pop-up cartoon animal.


[Image Source: Pan De Pop Up]

The Pan De Pop bread cutter comes from Japan and it is a stamp bread cutter allowing you to make bread pop-up cute little creatures to tempt your child to eat more bread. The set consists of a bread cutter that can but a range of animal head shapes into the bread, these include a panda, brown bear and what seems to be a pig.


[Image Source: Pan De Pop Up]

Children will not be able to resist the cute animal faces staring up at them off the plate. The set comes with a cutter which you can press into the bread and then pull up the resulting head and turning in the sides of the bread to hold it up, before toasting.

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[Image Source: Pan De Pop Up]

It also has a cutter for shapes that include a heart, crown and ribbon, so that you can decorate the cute animal face popping up from the toast. Depending on your skills in the kitchen it could perhaps also be used with a thick pastry the same way. Of course, you could also encourage older children to design their own breakfast toast, providing an adult does the actual toasting part.


[Image Source: Pan De Pop Up]

The Pan De Pop Up is available to buy now for $15.90.

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