Paralympian Climate Protestor Glues Himself to the Top of a British Airways Plane

The 54-year-old former Paralympic cyclist is part of the group Extinction Rebellion.
Loukia Papadopoulos

A former Paralympic cyclist and Extinction Rebellion protester glued himself to the top of a British Airways plane at London City Airport on Friday. The man named James Brown, who is visually impaired, reportedly smuggled in a tube of glue and proceeded to glue himself on the jet.


A scary move 

The 54-year-old, who won a bronze medal at London 2012, was seen in a Facebook video released by Extinction Rebellion expressing how scared he was. “Here I am on top of a f****** airplane at City Airport. I hate heights, I’m s******* myself, I managed to get on the roof. I am so shaky,” he said in the video.

He then proceeded to ask why the U.K. government sanctions the expansion of airports around the country when the world is in a state of climate emergency.

“This is all about the climate and ecological crisis, we’re protesting against government inaction on climate and ecological breakdown. They declare a climate emergency and then do nothing about it," he continued to say.

“In fact they go the opposite direction, they sanction the expansion of airports, Heathrow, Bristol and others. We can’t let this go on, we can’t have our cake and eat it.”

The brave protester was not without fear. Once noticing security was coming he said, “Oh good security are coming. I hope they don’t take too long because this is f****** scary.”

Civil disobedience

Extinction Rebellion is a socio-political grassroots movement with the stated aim of using civil disobedience, and zero violence, to push for government action on climate change, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse. According to The Guardian, over 1,00 Extinction Rebellion protesters have been arrested this week alone.

What do you think of the group's tactic? Will they inspire change or are they just publicity stunts?

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