Parents Share Funny Photos, Complain About Static Electricity in Children's Parks

Plastic slides turn children into aliens and parents are worried.
Nursah Ergü
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Have you ever gone to a park with your kid and realized your lovely, cutie pie, little kiddo turns into an alien after going down the slide? Well, probably you did.

Why exactly it happens? Who knows. Just kidding, it happens because of static electricity. It's actually a pretty common type of electricity which you probably experience every day. For example, when you rub a balloon on your hair, your hair will stand on since the balloon will be filled with a net negative charge while the hair will be charged with a net positive charge.


And right now, the parents in Istanbul are worried about their child getting charged with static electricity. A worried parent wrote on Twitter his concerns about the situation and mentioned Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu. 

He said, "Can you fix the situation at the parks? The plastic toys aren't good. Both the kids and the parents are having problems with the electric shock situation. I know it's difficult but my nephew is walking around like an alien. We can't save any money with all this electricity price increase."

And some other parents shared pictures and videos of their kids in the same situation.

Although it seems cute when you look at the pictures, it's mostly disturbing for the children.

We don't know if it's going to be changed by the authorities soon, let's just wait and see.

Of course, this problem isn't only specific to Turkey. It's actually pretty common all around the world. Also, it causes problems in kids who are hearing-impaired; static can shut down their cochlear implants. 

An idea to prevent this situation is to coat the slides with an antistatic material. But for now, hearing-impaired kids should stay away from slides and other kids should learn to live with this fact. 


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