Peak Presents the Everyday Backpack, Tote and Sling

Interesting Engineering

Just imagine that you don’t have to carry different bags or packs for your everyday stuff. Peak keeps all the stuff you can’t leave home without within one bag. Like cameras, lenses, GoPros, laptops, all will be 100% safe in the same bag with any other lifestyle needs.

As they have always done, the Peak design comes with another life saving solutions; the Everyday Backpack, Tote and Sling. And they will significantly improve your daily comfort. The bags are designed by adventurers, travelers, urban commuters, designers and photographers, who love to capture images of the beautiful world around them.

peakbagz[Image Source: Peak Design]

Right now, they are helping people attain better transport and handle their creative gear for everyday carry. Especially the cameras, lenses, binoculars, GoPros, laptops, diapers or any other lifestyle implements you can’t leave home without.

How to get them?

Ekran Resmi 2016-08-28 19.43.56[Image Source: Peak Design]

If you want to have one of these amazing bags, you can just become a backer of this project on Kickstarter and pick a reward. While this is still a pre-order, you'll get a special backer discount and receive your stuff before it is available in stores.

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As they describe, the bags are not just camera bags, but as the name implies, everyday bags that can be used for all kinds of purposes you need to. If you believe in the right tool for the right job, and like to keep all your tools right by your side; one of them might be one of the most precious solutions for you. Like all of the Peak Design products, their new bags are packed full of features and meticulously engineered. Accordingly, they are designed from the ground up to be both the best camera bags and the best everyday carry on the planet.

Which bag is right for you?

Ekran Resmi 2016-08-28 19.44.44[Image Source: Peak Design]

- Firstly, each bag is available in two colors.  A combination of charcoal with red accents and black trim, and ash with blue/leather accents and black trim are fits for every style.

- Once your stuff is stored, there are a multitude of zippers, pockets, and hatches in each bag. That gives you easy access to your gear and stuff, all without removing the bag from your body.

- And surely, your gear is protected by weatherproof materials and ultra-thick padding

Everyday Backpack

Ekran Resmi 2016-08-28 19.46.28[Image Source: Peak Design]

As can be seen in the video below, it comes in two sizes as 20L and 30L. It features dual weatherproof side zipper pockets, a magnetic top cover, and 10L of internal expansion too.


[Image Source: Kickstarter]

Also, the bag has a dedicated laptop pocket, a dedicated pass through for rolling luggage, heat releasing back panels, a key tether, and a briefcase style carry option.

Everyday Tote

Ekran Resmi 2016-08-28 19.46.46[Image Source: Peak Design]

Like all other Peak designs, it has a stylish and intelligent design. Its dual side access, magnetic closure, versatile strap system, laptop compartment, key anchor, and a luggage pass-through make it extremely unique.

peak everydaytote gif[Image Source: Kickstarter]

Sounds big right? It’s completely reimagined to protect, organize, and provide lightning-fast access to your camera gear and everyday carry. Perfect for your beach, gym, traveling, or even diaper stuff!


With its massive external carry, you can even take your tripod, yoga mat, blanket, towel etc. with you.

Everyday Sling

Ekran Resmi 2016-08-31 23.28.44[Image Source: Peak Design]

First of all, Everyday Sling is an ultimate low-profile, quick-access day bag for light carry and daily excursions. In other words, it's a fantastic option for beginner photographers who just need a sleek everyday bag.

everyday sling[Image Source: Kickstarter]

The bag has configurable, adaptable and removable flexfold dividers, therefore it easily organizes your things in minutes. The sling portion includes two large compartments. A compact design, a smaller netbook sleeve, and a luggage pass-through.