People Living 3,000 Years Ago Recycled Too

Archaeologists found metal objects repurposed as tools using broken ceramic pieces.
Donna Fuscaldo

Recycling was a way of life for people living in what is now Dubai some 3,000 years ago.

Archeologists at ArcheoConsulatnt found objects made of copper, bronze, and iron were overhauled to be used as tools. 

According to Science in Poland, Head of research at ArcheoConsultant Dr. Karol Juchniewicz and a team of archeologists found people living 3,000 years ago used ceramics from broken vessels to transform the objects into tools. 


Ancient recyclers repurpose metal objects into tools

"It is an interesting fact that a few thousand years ago, the inhabitants of this place implemented recycling. Broken ceramic vessels were not thrown away, instead, they were only slightly modified and used as tools," Juchniewicz said in the report. 

The archeologists discovered that the tools were made using ceramics from one type of clay.  

In addition to the repurposed tools, the researchers found 2,600 metal objects including weapons, decorations, jewelry, and figurines. Most were made 3,000 years ago but some could be even 1,000 years older than that.

They were found in the metallurgical center discovered in 2002 by Sheik Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktoum, the rule of Dubai. 

People Living 3,000 Years Ago Recycled Too
Polish sector is in the foreground, Dubai excavations in the background. Source: Jan Kurzawa

The site is a big draw 

While flying over the area in a helicopter the Dubai ruler saw some of the dunes were laid out in a strange way with black stones between them. When they researched the site they discovered the black stones were from smelting metal. Researchers realized metals were smelted at the location on a huge scale, noted Science in Poland. 

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