Philippines waterfall restaurant gives you a refreshing soak with dinner

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We all like to have some refreshments when we eat dinner out, but one restaurant in the Philippines will give you a soak with your dinner if you visit the Waterfall Restaurant. This is due to the fact that the bamboo dining tables where you sit to eat are located at the front of the Labasin Falls. Here you can get traditional curries and meat served up on bamboo leaves while crystal clear spring water trickles over your feet.


[Image Source: Willa Escudero Resort]

This unusual restaurant is located at Villa Escudero resort, with the Waterfall Restaurant being located directly in front of the mad made falls. However while this may sound a silly idea, anyone who has visited the Philippines will know how hot it can get and this is a great and fun way to cool down, as the water sloshes around your feet.


[Image Source: Willa Escudero Resort]

It is the perfect way to get refreshed while eating and guests are even encouraged to step under the falls and into the water once they have finished dining. The restaurant specialises in curry, but don’t worry as there is enough water around to ensure that you keep your cool, even after tasting the hottest dish.


[Image Source: Willa Escudero Resort]

Anyone visiting the Philippines who is in the vicinity of the restaurant may wish to check the jungle side waterfall restaurant out at Villa Escudero resort. The restaurant doesn’t require you to dress up and shoes are definitely not an option at this restaurant.

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[Image Source: Willa Escudero Resort]

The Villa Esudero Plantations and Resort is located on a working coconut plantation, originally found during the 80s with the aim of growing sugarcane. However in the 1900s it was converted to a coconut plantation by the son of the owners. He then went on to build the first hydroelectric plant in the country so that he could supply the desiccated coconut. Today the resort is one of the best tourist destinations along with having a cultural heritage that is second to none.

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