Photon Space glass home is like living in a greenhouse

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A new type of home by the name of The Photon Space aims to offer a more natural approach when it comes to changing people’s moods and sleep patterns, also known as Circadian rhythms. The building is contrasted entirely from glass panels and it’s like living in a large greenhouse.


[Image Source: The Photon Project]

The use of glass is nothing new as it allows people to take full advantage of the surrounding views. This is definitely at the top of the list of the Photon Space as the views are nothing short of spectacular; of course, this would depend on where the house was located. The main aim of the house of glass is to expose those living in it to the natural rhythms of day and night. This is said to promote a feeling of well-being and better health.


[Image Source: The Photon Project]

The Circadian rhythms are the built in patterns of sleepiness and wakefulness that everyone goes through over a 24 hour period. This is often called the body clock, which has been groomed by the exposure to daylight. People have evolved alongside the sun rising and the sun setting, getting up when the sun rises and going to bed when the sun goes down.


[Image Source: The Photon Project]

However our bodies can become out of sync, perhaps through late working hours, stress or depression and low amounts of energy. The Photon Space was designed to be just part of a much bigger project that is looking into the connection between one’s health and daylight.

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Professor Russell Foster from the Oxford University is heading the project and it includes a new type of non-visual photoreceptor. Research is going to be carried out on positive effects of being exposed to daylight. 300 people will be taking part in the research and they will live in the Photon Space for three weeks at a time, with the experiment lasting four years.


[Image Source: The Photon Project]

Many benefits of being exposed to daylight are already known and the Photon Space was designed to offer the maximum amount of daylight, which hopefully will improve the health along with the happiness of those living in the glass house. The house is 45 square meters and is made up of a steel frame along with glass panels, much like the traditional greenhouse. However, the glass used on the Photon Space is actually a great deal more complex that that used in a greenhouse.


[Image Source: The Photon Project]

The glass has a very high insulation performance and the Photon Space can be lived in all year round and needs very little by way of cooling or heating. The glass will block out around 63% of solar radiation, 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet rays and up to 85% of the external sounds. It is also fitted with electro chromic technology, allowing the glass to become opaque simply by using a gesture, remote control or smartphone.


[Image Source: The Photon Project]

The Photon Space can be built in as little as four weeks and thanks to the design of it being simple it can be installed in some unusual and small places. For instance, it could be located on a high rise rooftop or on rocky terrain. The house will offer a double bedroom, sitting room and a modular bathroom and kitchen.


[Image Source: The Photon Project]

The project is raising funds so that the designers can build the first Photo Space and funding will allow them to continue developing the project over the next five years. If you want to order your very own Photon Space you can, however, the price tag starts at £210,000. The space could be delivered to you and built in just three months.

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