Pioneer of Computer Numeric Control Devices and Fanuc Founder Dies at 95

Seiuemon Inaba's 48-year-old company will carry on his legacy.
Deniz Yildiran
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Seiuemon Inaba, the founder of FANUC, died last Friday, October 2 from natural causes.

He lived a long life of 95 years, filled with hard work and tenaciousness. 

He graduated from the University of Tokyo with a major in engineering. And he was only 21 when he got himself a place in Fuji Tsushinki Manufacturing what is known as Fujitsu now. 

He pioneered the development of a numerical control device by a Japanese company as a first-time achievement. So it was quite a lot that he succeeded at the beginning of his career. 


The numeric control device had boosted Japanese manufacturing, which possibly contributed to the country's economy.

Inaba took the position of managing director in Fujitsu Fanuc after it was founded in 1972. He was entitled president in 1975. FANUC pioneered the numeric control concept thanks to its founder and always has been in the upfront of manufacturing industrial robots since then. 

Being the company's vertical machining center, Robodrill manufactures metal casings for Apple's iPhones

The company grew rapidly and propelled Japanese automakers and machinery manufacturers into the global market. It even collaborated with General Motors and such foreign companies to draw more global clients. 

After long years of struggle, Inaba stepped down from his director position in 2000.

On March 11, 2011, it was time for him to show his resilience. He declared that his company would "fulfill its supply obligations without delay." It was shocking, as the disaster was about to put a big end to all supply chain operations. 

He appeared as quite a stubborn person about his work and his company. In 2013, he finally decided to settled thanks to his son's urging him to leave. Hopefully, he had lived his last 7 years in serenity, away from all the hustle of the world.

May he rest in peace. 

H/T: NikkeiASIA


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