'Plant Your Mac': Giving New Life to Antiquated iMacs

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We all have those redundant electronics lying around, the ones that just couldn't keep up with the introduction of the latest version. They lie there in the 'tech drawer' or tucked away at the top of a cupboard never expecting to see the light of day. Now, your old electronics can sprout new life.

This comes courtesy of Christophe Guinet, a French artist. He found a way to upscale our antiquated Apple products in a series of displays called 'Plant Your Mac'.

The art pieces combine the worlds of nature and technology by fusing the two in a terrarium-like display. One example is where Guinet merges the Butterwort carnivorous plant with an iMac G3, the contrast of colors brings new life to an otherwise obsolete unit.

plant_your_mac_carnivor_monsieur_plant_2016_5[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

plant_your_mac_carnivor_monsieur_plant_2016_2_instagram[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

plant_your_mac_carnivor_monsieur_plant_2016_4-_instagram [Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

The images below feature an iMac G5 with a bouquet of shrubbery cascading out of the iMac's screen.

plant_your_mac_imacwallplant_monsieur_plant_2016_2[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

plant_your_mac_imacwallplant_monsieur_plant_2016_3_instagram[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

The next set features a 2003 version of the Powermac G5 donning the cyperus papyrus plant.

plant_your_mac_macpyrus_monsieur_plant_2016_4_ok_instagram[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

plant_your_mac_macpyrus_monsieur_plant_2016_2_instagram[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

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plant_your_mac_macpyrus_monsieur_plant_2016_3_instagram[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

A real classic is the 1991 Powerbook, featured here infused with the evergreen perennial plant called the Tillandsia.

plant_you_mac_macfire_monsieur_plant_2016_2[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

plant_you_mac_macfire_monsieur_plant_2016_3_instagram[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

plant_you_mac_macfire_monsieur_plant_2016_1_instagram[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

Below is the 1996 Power Macintosh desktop computer sprouting an Isolatocereus Dumortieri (Cactus).

plant_you_mac_macustus_monsieur_plant_2016_21[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

plant_you_mac_macustus_monsieur_plant_2016_1_instagram[Image Source: Plant Your Mac] plant_you_mac_macustus_monsieur_plant_2016_3_instagram[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

Finally, the 2002 iMac G4 with the Platycerium plant flowing from the display.

plant_you_mac_imacerium_monsieur_plant_2016_3[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

plant_you_mac_imacerium_monsieur_plant_2016_4[Image Source: Plant Your Mac]

'Plant Your Mac' features some very interesting displays. Check out the full range and other work by Christophe Guinet here. Maybe we will see a trend of upcycled electronics in hope to continue the iMac legacy.

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